•  “I feel alone in my struggle to lose weight.”
  • “There’s so much conflicting information, I don’t know who listen to or who to trust.”
  •  “Any time I lose weight, I can’t keep it off, so what’s the point?”
If any of this resonates with you, it’s because you are not alone. 
I felt the same way until I discovered the REAL reasons why diets fail women over 40.
Once you've read this page, you'll see why you're being invited to a community whose sole purpose is to address the challenges women of God face, and offer Biblical help, hope, and answers to our deepest needs. Come join us, won’t you?
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Dear Friend,

I’ve just finished another busy week of personal calls with women seeking my help … and I feel the need to share with you what’s on my heart before heading home.

I believe this will be one of the most inspiring, helpful, and important messages God has ever brought into your life.

It’s about the three things that matter most … your health … your self-worth … and, most importantly … your relationship with God.
My name is Christina Grenga, and I’m what some people call a “faithitarian™,” a faith-based health coach helping women over 40 claim victory over our changing bodies and spiritual walk with the Lord. 

I’m the Founder of Grenga Health, author of The Faith Filled™ Detox, and creator of FEAST™, a six-module health and spiritual journey to help women who want to lose weight without extremes and live a balanced life in the way God intended.

You may have seen a few of my articles published in some of the most prestigious and well respected health websites such as: 

You may have also heard me on Just Jesus Radio speaking on the critical need for balance in our lives.

Or … on's podcast with Charles Mills talking about the threat of having too much refined sugar in our diets.

Or … maybe you’ve seen my professional Linkedin page where hundreds of top business professionals offer their recommendations and endorsements.

But none of this matters right now. What does matter is I feel the Lord would have me share something urgent with you — something that has the power to change your life forever.

You see, for so many other women just like you, what you are about to learn may be …
Here’s what I feel the Lord would have me share with you: Of all the great things the Christian Church has accomplished over the last 2,000 years, there’s one area we’ve failed miserably.

And in my mind, it’s a grievous sin.

Spiritual leaders have forsaken their God-given responsibility of leading their members in the pursuit of physical health.

As a result, the pastors, teachers, and elders of the Church have surrendered our health and weight loss needs to a worldly system — a system of medicines, shots, surgeries, fast, easy, fake and brutally low calorie diets — just to lose weight.

The so-called ‘medical weight loss’ industry is a $9.6 billion profit monster that has so completely infiltrated God’s Church … we’ve come to think that losing weight should be treated by …

  • • Bariatric surgeons who not only cut us open, but also burglarize us out of $5.26 billion​ every year …
  • • Bariatricians’ programs that may or may not place us on prepackaged, highly processed foods, but also steal $488​ ​million​ from our accounts every year…
  • • Very Low Calorie Diets-VLCDs doctors that not only place us on starvation diets, but also charge us $445​ ​million​ every year … and …
  • • Other programs provided by hospitals, clinics and independent physicians, who, needing to make up for lost insurance revenue, move dangerously close to compromising their hippocratic oath, wrestle $1.05​ ​billion​ from desperate people needing weight loss help every year!
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Meanwhile, every week preachers preach salvation of the soul, while neglecting the only part of God’s creation He didn’t speak into existence — the human body.

By the power of His word, God spoke into existence light, vegetation, plants and fruits, the birds of the air and the fish in the sea, and every living creature on the earth.

But … He did NOT speak humankind into existence!
Instead, He formed​ Adam out of the dust of the earth with​ ​His​ ​own​ ​hands​, and then breathed the breath of life into Adam.

Afterward, He formed​ Eve from Adam’s rib — didn't speak her into existence — molded her from Adam’s body with His own hands.

The only thing God placed His hands on during the entire creation process was the human body.
And yet … and yet … and yet … the Church has missed its call to show you how to have a healthy and fit body.

The worst part? The Church, while abandoning its responsibility, is, in effect, sending their own sheep to the slaughter to be cut open, stabbed, drugged, and then prescribed inhumanly low calorie diets … all in the name of ‘medical weight loss.’

It’s hard to imagine how the Church can be so guilty of such neglect. But what other God-ordained institution has their audience's personal, face-to-face attention every week?

… So ... until now, there has never been a “spiritually-sound” program for believers who need to lose weight, heal serious health and emotional problems … and who do not have anywhere else to turn.
I’m talking about life-ruining problems such as …
  • continual weight gain year in and year out with no end in sight …
  •  digestion problems causing not only stomach pain, but hemorrhoids as well …
  •  crippling chronic joint and muscle pain that keeps you from enjoying life …
  •   lack of sleep, which is now considered more dangerous than smoking …
  •  menopausal issues such as hot flashes, mood swings, and pain during sex …
  •  the many cancers women our age face, like breast, ovarian, and uterine …
  •  lack of energy, the vital life force that makes life enjoyable …
  •  persistent self-doubts about you "should" look ...
And countless more, including everyday health issues like headaches, self doubt, and constantly feeling stressed out.

Is it any wonder, then, how these problems can strip your life of happiness, test your faith, and leave you feeling desperately alone without anyone else to talk to?

And, until now, there was precious little you could do except suffer in silence. Alone. Because most church leaders suffer with being overweight themselves, it seems the best they can do is send you to an expensive personal trainer, or worse … to a “medical weight loss” doctor!

Once there, most personal trainers or medical doctors have no concept of your spiritual needs, leaving you feeling alone during one of the most needful times of your life.

God never intended for you to suffer alone like this. All you need is a little help and support finding out what to do.

That’s why I’ve created a brand new program I call …
​Faith,​ ​Food,​ ​Exercise,​ ​and​ ​Spiritual​ ​Transformation
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… and it’s being called a “Godsend” by the faithful women who have experienced it firsthand.

Like Meg Calvin, of Kansas who writes …

“Before connecting with Christina, I struggled with inflammation and discomfort in my stomach. I was unable to move the scale, even though I was exercising and eating “healthy.” With her wisdom, a heart to listen, and some practical next steps, I have never felt better, lighter and more energetic. Not only has my inflammation issues vanished, but I am educated with eating cleaner. I am equipped in listening to and trusting my body in its holistic relationship with the food I eat.”

And like Donna Brenner, of Florida who says …

“I have tried more diet programs than I care to admit. My weight has fluctuated my entire 40+ years and myself esteem followed. I would lose weight and keep it off for a short period of time and then regain the weight. This was a repetitive pattern in my life. When I met Christina, she helped me to realize that my issue was not so much in losing weight, but it was in maintaining my weight. She also helped me to understand that there were other life factors that attributed to my weight fluctuations, which for me were stress and an unhealthy relationship. I was able to work through a core issue and refocus my attention back to my faith in the Lord. Thank you Christina!”

Like Debbie from NJ who writes …

“Christina took me on at a critical time in my life. After eight digestive surgeries, and a lifelong sugar addiction the timing couldn’t have been better. She helped me to believe I was important and deserved personal care. Her coaching included not only food and vitamins, but my personal ambitions and desires as well. My sugar cravings are almost non-existent. Prior to meeting Christina, I had great intentions but they were short lived. Exercise has actually become a welcoming habit for me. I take vitamins regularly. My habits are the antithesis of my past. Christina actually lives the life she encourages others to live. She practices what she preaches. Words cannot express my gratitude for all you’ve done to help me. You’re the best!!! God bless!!!”
There are many, many more stories like these on file, and I hope you’ll be the next story I receive.

Because FEAST is where you’ll find the answers to your most serious (and secret) troubles … whether they are physical, emotional, or spiritual.

How can I be so sure? It’s because I know how to blend the power of your faith with the proven breakthroughs of eating clean food and an exercise program you’ll actually enjoy doing
It’s how I’ve helped many other woman over the age of 40 reclaim spiritual, physical and emotional balance so few women find.

It's also how I transformed my own life.

Like many of the women I help, I struggled with acute arthritis, intense menstrual pain, crippling constipation, and recurring insomnia for a good part of my adult life.
Faith leaders didn't have any solutions other than to seek out traditional medical routes. And there didn’t seem to be a doctor on the planet who could help relieve any of my symptoms. No matter how many injections, epidurals, or pills I took, nothing changed.

And it simply never occurred to me that my diet could be the cause of my poor health.
I got a call that my brother had just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Within a few months, he was gone. I was left utterly heartbroken and, frankly, confused.

How could this happen? This was a man who was impeccably healthy on paper—he exercised regularly, ate pretty well, and had a positive mindset. He'd followed every doctor's order given. It just didn’t make sense.

From that moment forward, I launched a crusade to understand the impact of lifestyle choices on human health. And I began to realize God's plan for living which transformed my body, mind, and walk with God.
The truth is that God put fresh vegetables like kale, free roaming animals like cattle, and wild sea creatures like salmon on this fine planet of ours for a reason. Not Doritos. Not Quarter pounders. Not Coca-Cola.

He created those living things to nourish YOU with every single vitamin, mineral, and nutrient you’d ever need to thrive​. He gave you all five senses to experience the taste, texture, smell, color, and sound of food completely. And He provided your body with built-in signals to indicate what to eat, when to eat, and how to know you’re full. 

Which means you don't need another diet... you need an awakening.

I discovered, almost too late, that blindly following doctor's orders and ignoring my God-given, intuitive signals had robbed me of years of a full, abundant life inside and out.

Now, it's your turn. FEAST is where you'll discover God’s original health principles. These are the basics to feeling confident in what your body, mind, and spirit needs to feel fully nourished every day.
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Don't​ ​wait​ ​until​ ​it's​ ​too​ ​late​ ​to​ ​reclaim​ ​YOUR​ ​life.
​Faith,​ ​Food,​ ​Exercise,​ ​and​ ​Spiritual​ ​Transformation
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Are you ready to use FEAST to claim victory over ...
  •  Continual weight gain which creeps up no matter what you do
  •  Painful digestion problems causing cramps, constipation, and hemorrhoids
  • Crippling chronic joint and muscle pain inhibiting daily life
  •   Perpetual cycle of fatigue and lack of sleep leaves you dependent on coffee or soda
  •  Embarrassing menopausal issues such as hot flashes, mood swings, and painful sex
  •  Persistent self-doubts about your body and how you "should" look
  •  Lackluster, dry, or excessively oily skin which seems to have lost its glow
If so, it's time for you to experience the same relief from pain and fatigue I and so many others have so you can finally feel lasting energy, radiant self-confidence, and enduring love for your body.
Six​ ​Week​ ​Faith,​ ​Food,​ ​Exercise,​ ​and​ ​Spiritual​ ​Transformation
The Right Knowledge
I call FEAST an "undiet' program. That's because FEAST is not about sticking to rules - it's about being set free from them! It's about tasting all the good things God put on this earth for us to eat and enjoy. You'll discover how to eat intuitively and create, based on how you feel, an eating plan which makes you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside. And evidence-based guidelines help you choose better options most likely to lead to lasting health.

24/7 Online Access to the FEAST Membership Site

● 6 Core Modules
● 26 Bite Sized Program Lessons
● Downloadable Handouts and Cheat Sheets
● 90-Page FEAST Program Guide
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The Right Plan
FEAST is designed to be simple to understand and easy to follow. This program frees you from the rules, not hands you more. As you follow each lesson you'll make small changes, step-by-step, until you achieve your desired outcome. So while the program is comprehensive, it's not complicated.

FEAST Weight Loss Plan

● 30+ New Recipes and Meal Planner to build your personalized meal plan
● Easy-to-follow implementation steps after each lesson
● Facebook LIVE in the private group to answer questions, provide support and strengthen your resolve
The Right Mindset
FEAST transforms your mindset about food, faith, and fitness from one of slavery to diets to one of freedom in Christ. Never again will you feel anxiety about which foods to pick or whether or not you've eaten too much. You'll renew your mind so you can taste, smell, see, and enjoy all the food God has put on this earth for us to enjoy - and still lose weight and restore your health in the process.

FEAST​ ​Mindset​ ​Support

● FEAST "Faithitarian" Manifesto
● Exclusive Students Only Facebook Community
● BONUS Mindset Videos from me
● Daily Mindset Action Plan Checklist

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FEAST Solves the 3 Most Common Challenges Women Over 40 Face When it Comes to
Losing Weight, Balancing Our Lives, and Living Out Our Faith.
You have two choices today.

You can take what you've learned and do nothing. If you do, you'll never feel better than you do right now. No diet, pill, or prayer will save you from the consequences of poor eating and mindset. You may discover too late, like I almost did, that God has a plan for wellness and He's given you the ability to follow it - once you know the path.

Or you can finally claim victory over endless dieting, low energy, and declining health by joining FEAST. When you do, you'll take the first step toward better health... clearer skin... lasting energy... freedom from diets... and peace with your body. Instead of wasting years trying to figure it out on your own, you'll fast track your progress and get results you can see and feel in just six short weeks.

Here's what Sandra had to say about setting aside her skepticism and shedding diets once and for all,
"Admittedly, I am one of those life-time dieters. My first at age 13, can you imagine? In those days it was peer pressure and body image, being that perfect clothes size, which was probably a 6 back then. Through the years, it was up and down 20-30 lbs. Fruit fasts, low carbs, grapefruit diets, apple cider vinegar, Weight Watches, South Beach, Atkins, you name it, I did it, with no lasting results.

I​ ​have​ ​honestly​ ​not​ ​felt​ ​really​ ​well​ ​from​ ​food​ ​until​ ​I​ ​went​ ​on​ ​Christina’s​ ​program.​ I lost weight, feel great and have a clear head. And more importantly, I began to listen that God gave us this perfect body and the way to maintain it. This philosophy makes so much sent to me and I’m eager to live it. It​ ​feels​ ​like​ ​a​ ​huge​ ​relief​ ​to​ ​say​ ​“no​ ​more​ ​diets​ ​for​ ​me”.

Of course, I have a dress size in mind, one that fits my perfect God given body, but I will strive to do so with the natural healthy foods that I have been blessed with. I know it won’t always be easy, but I am committed to be the best person I can be and honor the gift that God has given me.

Thank you Christina for putting me on this journey."
The​ ​Comprehensive​ ​FEAST​ ​Program
Food, Exercise, Accountability, Spiritual Transformation
What​ ​You'll​ ​Get
  •  24/7 Online Access to the Course
  •  6 Modules of video training - I walk you through each of the 26 lessons to help you develop & stick with a plan for good ($799 value). 
  •  A 90-page  complete FEAST guide in a printable PDF ($199 value)
  •  Toolkit & Resources - Over 10 Cheat Sheets and printable worksheets including the FEAST Manifesto ($199 value)
  •  FAITH & FEAST Daily Checklist Action Plan ($29 value)
  •  FEAST Kitchen Over 30 Recipes you won't find anywhere! ($699 value)
  •  FEAST "YOU DIET" Meal Planner Resource and Shopping List ($99 value)
  •  FEAST Fitness Vault of 25 workouts that rquire NO Equipment
  •  FEAST Spiritual Transformation Bible Verses  for Health & Healing that are specific to your Wellness & Weight Loss Journey (PRICELESS)!
  •  Facebook Live Calls with Q & A to keep you on track through the program and beyond ($499 value)
  •  Private Facebook Community ONLY for FEAST paid members ($99 value)
  •  Work though the lessons at your own pace! 
  •  Lifetime access! 
Add it all up, and that's over $2600 in Value
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"For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit
again to a yoke of slavery." - Galatians 5:1
If you join right now, you'll also get these FAST
ACTION BONUSES to make following FEAST even easier...
PREMIUM​ ​BONUS:​ ​Three​ ​FEAST​ ​Cooking​ ​Videos
These videos reveal my favorite recipes and how to make them at home.
($29 value)
($29 value)
($29 value)
PREMIUM​ ​BONUS:​ ​Three​ ​FEAST​ ​Fitness​ ​Videos
Fitness doesn't have to be difficult. In these videos, I'll show you how you'll work out at home for fast results. No gym membership required.
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PLUS!! You'll Get these​ ​additional bonuses when you join FEAST
These bonuses have been provided by partners of the FEAST program.
($99 value)
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Add the bonuses to the program, and that's over $3100 in value!
Protected​ ​by​ ​my​ ​100%​ ​'Love​ ​Your​ ​Neighbor​ ​as​ ​Yourself'
Money​ ​Back​ ​Guarantee
I'm committed to my Christian sisters (and brothers) with my 100% ‘Love Your Neighbor As Yourself’
Guarantee: If within 7 days, for any reason, you feel this program isn’t God’s direction for your life, I’ll PROMPTLY refund
every cent of your investment.

"I have been working with Christina for a few months now and am so impressed with her
professional yet compassionate approach to health and wellness. Just when I am convinced she is
going to push me beyond what I am ready (able!) to do, she gently encourages me and motivates me
to continue instead! The fact that I know she understands my desire to honor God with my body and
health is the best part." - Katie S.

"Christina is as real as they come. She is a genuine person with a very kind heart. She​ ​will​ ​get​ ​you
from​ ​point​ ​A-to-Z​ ​before​ ​you​ ​you​ ​even​ ​realize​ ​what​ ​happened!​" - Donna B.

"I have successfully completed the program and I already feel so much better. I have been on
more diets and programs that I care to remember. This​ ​was​ ​the​ ​easiest​ ​and​ ​the​ ​least
deprivational.​ ​It​ ​has​ ​also​ ​been​ ​nourishing​ ​in​ ​another​ ​​ ​my​ ​soul.​ The reminders to be in
touch with my faith, to be thankful and humbled have calmed my mind and body, making it work
more efficiently and with greater service." - Sandi

"I’m not perfect but my eating habits have changed and I work out 4-5 times per week now. I’ve
lost​ ​25-28​ ​pounds​ ​since​ ​October​ ​and put on some muscle with nice definition in my arms that
I’ve never had before. Thank you for helping me change my mindset!" - Brett

"It’s easy to follow, it’s affordable, and it’s working for me. I​ ​feel​ ​better,​ ​my​ ​muscle​ ​tone​ ​is
better,​ ​my​ ​energy​ ​is​ ​up​ ​and​ ​my​ ​skin​ ​even​ ​looks​ ​better.​ A​ lso, I had my cholesterol numbers
checked recently, and I have the lowest numbers in ten years! I highly recommend this
program." - Melanie R.

"I​ ​have​ ​noticeably​ ​more​ ​energy,​ ​major​ ​decrease​ ​in​ ​bloating,​ ​and​ ​the​ ​brain​ ​fog​ ​has​ ​lifted.
There are so many things that Christina has shared that have made this super easy. You must
make the granola, the apple cider vinegar dressing, and you have to try some smoothies." - Lisa
Don't​ ​wait​ ​until​ ​it's​ ​too​ ​late​ ​to​ ​reclaim​ ​YOUR​ ​life.
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